The n-Body Problem

The n-Body Problem
By Tony Burgess

nbodyFor anyone who thought Tony Burgess had taken his extravagant and surreal expeditions into Ontario’s blood-soaked north-of-Toronto hinterlands about as far as they could go, The n-Body Problem shows us all how wrong you were.

The “problem” is how to dispose of all the corpses produced by a global zombie pandemic. It is solved by a waste company sending the not-quite-dead bodies into orbit, though this has the unexpected and thoroughly unpleasant consequence of creating a solar shield that spawns a host of violent mental disorders back on Earth. With a heavy, unremitting emphasis on grotesque cruelty, Burgess delivers a dark vision of the human heart, brain, and other internal organs stripped bare. It’s classic Burgess, but only recommended for those who like their fictional meat served up raw and bloody-as-hell.

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