Red Planet Blues

Red Planet Blues
By Robert J. Sawyer

red-planet-bluesThere’s always been an exuberance to Robert J. Sawyer’s writing, and reading Red Planet Blues one can’t miss the feeling that he’s having a lot of fun. A semi-parodic space noir that uses his novella “Identity Theft” as a springboard, it takes us further into the adventures of wise-cracking gumshoe Alex Lomax on the mean streets of New Klondike, a Martian frontier town.

Since Alex is a vintage film buff you can expect a lot of in-jokes and genre tips of the hat to go along with a story featuring whiplash plot twists, lethal babes, superhuman “transfers” who have had their minds uploaded to robotic bodies, greedy prospectors, and even a writer-in-residence who doubles as a femme fatale. Partly inspired by a stay at Berton House, a writer’s retreat in the heart of Klondike Gold Rush territory, Red Planet Blues delivers a pulp buffet of strange things done ‘neath the Martian sun.

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