The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015
Ed. by Joe Hill; Series Editor John Joseph Adams

bestamericansffThe Best American line of books is a well-known brand, famous for annual series like the Best American Short Stories, Essays, Mystery Stories, Sports Writing, and Comics. In 2015 they added a new title to the mix with The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy.

There have long been magazines and anthologies of science fiction and fantasy (abbreviated as SF&F), but the two genres don’t always play well together. Fans of the one aren’t always fans of the other.

Nevertheless, editor Joe Hill has come up with a very strong, very contemporary selection of stories that share a speculative sensibility that blurs genre lines. Mermaids may be creatures of fantasy, for example, but not when they’re the result of surgery and genetic engineering. The labels SF&F still mean something, but in a book like this they’re more a general guidelines for work that pushes imaginative boundaries.

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