Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed!

Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed!
By Ed Greenwood

hellmawHellmaw: Your World Is Doomed! marks the launch of an ambitious fiction franchise, headed by the incredibly prolific author-entrepreneur Ed Greenwood. A whole series of Hellmaw novels are scheduled to be written by different authors, coming out at monthly intervals.

A cat living in Toronto, which is where a lot of the action here takes place, functions as a sort of emcee. But that is the only note of domestic comfort. Hitting the ground running, Your World Is Doomed! is both hysterically violent (dismembering is a specialty) and breathlessly paced (Greenwood has a thing for breaking sentences off abruptly before jumping to the next paragraph).

In terms of the story, it all has something to do with a race of daemons from an infernal realm who like to take time off from fighting among themselves to feed on the life-force of human “cattle.” A handful of humans run afoul of the bloodthirsty (and horny) beasts, which leads to things quickly going to hell. It’s all pretty silly and splatterdash, but intensely readable and will provide a fast fix for fans of nightmare fantasy.

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