Philip K. Dick: The Last Interview and Other Conversations

Philip K. Dick: The Last Interview and Other Conversations
Ed. by David Streitfeld

lastinterviewpkdPhilip K. Dick died in 1982 on the cusp of superstardom: just before the release of Blade Runner, the seminal SF film based on his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and only days after his final interview, which concludes this collection of “conversations.”

Dick had been an important and highly regarded SF writer for years, but it was really only after the success of Blade Runner that he was adopted wholesale by Hollywood and gained a broader reputation as a prophet and guru of the digital age. These interviews reconnect us with the man and shed light on many of his most important themes, such as paranoia and parapsychology. Through it all one senses a personal playfulness and charm, albeit not without some noticeable fraying at the edges of mental health.

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