The End of All Things

The End of All Things
By John Scalzi

The End of All Things is John Scalzi’s sixth book set in his Old Man’s War universe. It follows closely on the events portrayed in The Human Division, and is comprised of four sequential novellas or episodes that were published serially as e-books. While it can be read on its own it’s recommended you start with some grounding in the basic political set-up.

In brief, the always-tricky triangular diplomacy between Earth, the Colonial Union, and the Conclave (a federation of aliens) has gotten even trickier with the discovery of a threatening new player on the interstellar stage, an organization that calls itself Equilibrium.

Trying to stop Equilibrium, and the end of all things, are Harry Wilson of the Colonial Defense Forces and a motley group of like-minded team members, including a reluctant “brain in a box” who narrates the first episode. As always with this Star Trek-style series you can expect first-rate storytelling and high-flying space-opera adventure put forward with intelligence, energy, and wit.

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