The Orion Plan

The Orion Plan
By Mark Alpert

Those who can’t remember classic SF films from the 1950s are doomed to relive them.

Anyone familiar with The War of the Worlds or The Blob would know better than to mess around with a freshly-fallen meteorite, especially one that takes the form of a sinister black sphere.

Alas, in 2016 few people remember the script, and soon the Emissary from another planet is spreading like an outbreak of nano-kudzu all over, and under, New York City.

If the Emissary is to be stopped a rag-tag group of characters including a homeless man, a teenage Latino gang leader, and (of course) a NASA astronomer, will have to first figure out what it’s doing here. Only then will they be able to find its weak spot and prevent Earth from being overrun.

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