The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Thirty-First Annual Collection

The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Thirty-First Annual Collection
Ed. by Gardner Dozois

How does editor Gardner Dozois manage to read so much? For this volume of the year’s best SF his list of stories making the “Honourable Mention” roll comes in at over 400 titles!

What makes The Year’s Best Science Fiction such an essential series is both Dozois’s skill at setting the table and the sheer size of the feast. With “over 300,000 words of fantastic fiction,” the thirty-first annual collection is able to include several full novellas in the mix, including Damien Broderick’s tale of zombies enhanced by alien technology, “Quicken,” Jay Lake’s environmental techno-thriller “Rock of Ages,” and Nancy Kress’s “One,” the story of a boxer who receives a rather special gift when he goes in for brain surgery.

As always you can expect a lot of diversity, from steampunk, mystery, and neo-noir to speculative, futuristic fantasy. It’s a volume that’s always a treat, and a great sampler of the state of the art.

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