Why I Hunt Flying Saucers

Why I Hunt Flying Saucers
By Hugh A. D. Spencer

Why I Hunt Flying Saucers is a great debut collection of stories that offers up a retrospective of highlights from twenty-five years of published work. It also includes editorial notes by the author on the stories themselves – a nice little bonus feature that is becoming increasingly common.

The Toronto-based Spencer is an author who should be better known. His writing is lively and topical, and ranges across a number of different forms, even including radio plays (instead of stories, this book is more broadly described as a collection of “fantasticals”). In particular, his genre satire is spot on, with an exasperated update on Asimov’s three laws of robotics being just one brilliant example. Perhaps it’s the Canadian setting, or the emphasis on the world of people at work, but the stories feel more grounded than your typical SF fare, with real issues being handled in fun and provocative ways.

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