By Warren Ellis

Spending a lot of time thinking about the future can be depressing, especially if it’s your job. The strain might even lead to a breakdown, followed by a stay at the Normal Head Institute in Oregon, an off-the-grid and into-the-woods asylum for strategic forecasters and foresight strategists.

Looking into the abyss of what’s to come, these people have been granted an excremental vision of the future. Everything is going to pot, and the Surveillance Singularity, the apotheosis of techno-paranoia, is breathing down humanity’s neck.

In Warren Ellis’s short, parable-like novel Normal the professional futurist Adam Dearden comes to Normal Head and uncovers a mad conspiracy cleverly concealed among the mad. If he can clear his head of drugs and avoid any pesky nanobots he may be able to unravel it all and find some answers to important questions about where humanity is headed.

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