Robot Uprisings

Robot Uprisings
Ed. By Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams

As is not the case with a lot of SF topoi – interplanetary travel, time machines, encounters with aliens – we actually know what it’s like to live with robots. Whether it’s a machine that vacuums your pool, a computer that navigates (or even drives) your car, some of the equipment you use at work, or the drone that’s spying on you overhead, robots have become fixtures of twenty-first century life.

Familiarity has given rise to paranoia. Have we become too dependent on our tools and toys? What would happen if this technology were to rise up and rage against its human creators?

Such is the premise behind this terrific anthology of robot fiction. It’s not a new concept – robots have been turning against us ever since the first one rolled off the assembly line – but here it’s imagined in ways that illustrate the latest trends. In particular, nanotechnology (robots the size of particles of dust!) and Artificial Intelligence get a lot of play.

Of course robots come in all shapes and sizes, and have many different agendas. The stories in Robot Uprisings reflect this variety, ranging from techno-horror to domestic comedy. One thing they have in common though is the high quality of the writing, making this one of the year’s best new anthologies.

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