The Abyss Beyond Dreams

The Abyss Beyond Dreams
By Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton’s latest space opera is set in his Commonwealth universe in the year 3326 (which, take note, is before the events described in the Void Trilogy).

Nigel Sheldon has entered the Void — a place where the laws of physics are pretty elastic and telepathy is a universal sixth sense — in search of a missing starship. What he discovers is a planet oppressed by a tyrannical government and afflicted by evil critters known as Fallers (think a combination of the beasties from the Alien franchise crossbred with the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers).

When it comes to world building there are few SF writers today equal to Hamilton. The Abyss Beyond Dreams is a great read, combining all of his signature elements. The first of a two-part series on the Fallers, it also sets the table perfectly for a strong finish.

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