Star Road

Star Road
By Matthew Costello and Rick Hautala

While science fiction often involves advanced speculations into future technologies and scientific breakthroughs, or takes the form of complex social and political allegory, sometimes it’s only meant as pure entertainment. This is definitely the case with Star Road, which sends a spaceship/RV full of odd and mysterious characters on a cross-universe journey via an ancient, intergalactic superhighway.

Imagine an entire season of Star Trek episodes collapsed into a single novel and you’ll have some idea of how much fun you can expect. In the best pulp fashion Star Road takes the reader on a fantastic voyage complete with blasting pulse cannons, ion storms, psychedelic passages through star gates, killer robots, giant sea monsters, and imperial troopers locked in battle with rebel forces. Once you enter into the spirit of the thing you’ll probably start to wonder when the space zombies are going to show up. Just be patient. There are space zombies too.

Yes, it’s all a big, noisy videogame with wall-to-wall CGI special effects. But this is one road you won’t want to end.

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