One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning

One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning
By David Moody

Only one of us will be dead by morning? That’s a relief, given this book marks the start of a second trilogy set in British author David Moody’s low-survival-rate “Hater” universe.

The premise behind the Hater novels is that for some unknown reason a certain segment of the population (the Haters) have turned into homicidal furies, indiscriminately killing everyone who has not been so transformed (the Unchanged). In short, what we have here is yet another take on the popular zombie apocalypse genre, only one where there’s even less of a difference between us and them.

The action takes place on a barren island in the North Sea where a corporate retreat is being held. When a boat filled with murdered children washes ashore everything promptly goes to hell, and soon we’re caught in the end-of-the-world mudslide of Moody’s nightmarish brand of blood and brutality.

While not for everyone, such a novel serves up primitive but effective entertainment for those who have pretty much given up on the human race. Which seems to be a lot of us these days.

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