The Dark Net

The Dark Net
By Benjamin Percy

The so-called dark net has been in the news a lot lately, being a secret part of the Internet useful for all kinds of shady criminal activity. But what if it was something even worse? What if the dark net turned out to be the very gates of hell?

That’s the situation confronted by intrepid Portland newspaper reporter Lela Falcon, who may not know how to do a Google search but has nevertheless managed to figure out that the forces of evil are bubbling up from the toxic bottom of the Net and breaking into our world. Luckily for her she has some useful friends: a paranoid hacker, a niece whose enhanced vision can detect the presence of dark forces, and a veteran demon hunter who runs a homeless shelter.

Leaning more toward supernatural fantasy than techno-thriller, The Dark Net is a brisk read that sweeps us along with the good guys as they try to pull the plug on a Satanic Singularity.

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