All Roads End Here

All Roads End Here
By David Moody

All Roads End Here is the second volume in David Moody’s second “Hater” trilogy, and thus his fifth Hater novel overall. The Hater books are not terribly original or well written, but the label of great trash fits. They’re like a sugar rush of fiction: quick to put the hooks in and hard to put down.

The Hater premise is that a variant of the zombie apocalypse has infected a certain segment of the population (the Haters) with a murderous rage that compels them to slaughter the Unchanged. Much brutal violence ensues.

After surviving an outbreak of Hatermania while taking part in a corporate team-building exercise on a barren North Sea island (this was in the previous novel, One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning), Matthew Dunne has made the dangerous journey home to his wife. Home, however, is a city besieged by armies of Haters. Survival is once again the name of the game, only this time with more lives at stake. Fans of such nightmares as 28 Days Later will feel right at home with the mayhem.

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