By David Moody

Chokehold is the third instalment in David Moody’s second series of books set in the Hater universe. The basic set-up is a variation on the zombie apocalypse, with murderous Haters in mortal conflict with the Unchanged. At the end of the previous book the nukes had just been launched and as Chokehold begins we’re stuck in a blasted English landscape stricken by nuclear winter, with the struggle between, and now within, the two tribes still going strong.

Moody only does one thing, but he does it really well. I’ll confess the Hater novels are a guilty pleasure of mine. Fans of The Walking Dead will be hooked by the story of ultimate survivor Matthew Dunne as he navigates a wasteland of endless brutal violence. As one character educates us: “In a world that’s been stripped of warmth and emotion and purpose, killing is perhaps the only positive action that remains.” So let the savagery begin!

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