By Peter F. Hamilton

The discovery of an alien artifact in a distant galaxy in the year 2204 leads to a high-powered assessment team of specialists being sent to investigate, and launches us into a thrilling new series – the Salvation Sequence – from Peter Hamilton.

Hamilton is one of those writers with narrative gifts so polished and an imagination so fertile that one scarcely notices that almost all of the action in Salvation occurs during flashbacks introducing each of the most important members of the assessment team while at the same time filling in the back story to this fascinating new world.

The defining technology is instant travel from any two points in the universe connected with a special quantum portal device that has made planes, trains, automobiles, and rocket ships obsolete. In annihilating time and space, however, humankind has caused some ripples in the fabric of the cosmos. It also seems as though one of the team’s members is not what he, she, or sie seems.

2 thoughts on “Salvation

    1. I know! I’m amazed at how prolific some authors can be. Hamilton likes to compose by series but so far none of the series have been that long (usually trilogies) so I think you have to read them all at once.

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