By Ben Bova

Yes, Ben Bova is back, and even introducing a new trilogy in his already crowded Grand Tour series. This time we’re visiting our solar system’s outer planets, and as the title indicates we’re off to Uranus.

Or, to be more precise, a giant space station orbiting Uranus named Haven, so-called because it’s where Earth’s down and out have come seeking a second chance. The main character is Raven, a former prostitute who turns out, naturally, to have a heart of gold. That heart will be tested though on Haven, as the colony is a religious (albeit fluidly non-denominational) community that’s actually being sustained by an interplanetary drug trade.

The resulting political struggles are further complicated by discoveries being made on Uranus. This is the most interesting part of the book, but things are left unresolved. A simple story in the classic tradition, the table is set for more adventures taking us even further afield.

4 thoughts on “Uranus

    1. Yes Andreas, thanks for pointing that out. I just post up the reviews here as they appeared in the columns I wrote when the book came out. The next volume in this trilogy, Neptune, is due out later this year. I don’t know what is planned for the last part.

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      1. I didn’t know that a posthumous book was planned. Bova had many coauthors in his career, so it might very well be that someone else will finish the series.


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