By Terry Miles

Gaming culture is big – very big – which has led to a lot of books and movies about the blurring of the line between the game/virtual reality and real life.

Rabbits, which is the outgrowth of a popular podcast by Terry Miles, is the latest offering in this line and it’s likely to appeal to fans of books like Ready Player One as much as it will to readers of Thomas Pynchon. The idea is that there’s a mysterious and dangerous game called Rabbits that involves the reshaping of reality itself. You play by noticing arcane connections and anomalies in everyday things, which before long leads to your getting sucked down a rabbit hole into alternate dimensions.

K and his pal Chloe, both dedicated gamers, are enlisted to play the latest iteration of Rabbits, and to save the world they’ll have to win the game. Given the nature of Rabbits their fast-paced, puzzle-solving adventures are fueled by lots of pop culture references and conspiracy theories, taking paranoia to the next level while the action keeps hopping.

8 thoughts on “Rabbits

    1. I enjoyed this one. It moves along pretty well and I found it interesting, if not very deep. But I hear you about pop culture references. There’s a lot of stuff here that I imagine you’d have to be of a certain age to understand already.

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      1. Ahhh, like 80’s pop culture references? All the stuff that has survived. I was thinking more about people writing current pop culture, without knowing what is going to make it. I read one book that was referencing Britney Spears and the “Free Britney” movement. I had to go look it up to figure out what in the world teh author was talking about.

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      2. Yeah, there’s a lot of retro-flavoured stuff here, like arcade culture. I’m pretty sure young people today don’t remember arcades, or arcade games like Robotron or Dragon’s Lair.


      1. No problem. Though you’d think WP would let you edit your own comments!
        There seems to be a real hankering for this ’80s arcade culture going on in a lot of SF. But retro is big everywhere. I think sometimes that there’s a kind of 30-year gap where everything that was once cool comes back again after a generation. I can’t say I’m a gamer today, but I do remember the early days of videogames and what fun they were.

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      2. I just watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this weekend, that was all 60’s, amazing. Didn’t realise Tarantino wrote it as his first novel and made the screenplay from it.


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