Far From the Light of Heaven

Far From the Light of Heaven
By Tade Thompson

British author Tade Thompson’s recently completed Wormwood Trilogy was a fantastic debut, and with his new novel he shows no sign of letting up.

Spaceship first mate Michelle Campion wakes from her sleeping pod to a gruesome act of sabotage. It seems some of the immigrants she is taking to a new home planet have been sliced and diced, and the ship’s AI isn’t being very helpful in explaining how it happened.

The plot thickens and Campion is joined by a down-and-out detective, an old family friend, an artificial person, and an alien all trying to figure out who or what is behind the carnage. This they will have to do before the killer takes them out too.

A fast-paced and fresh spin on the classic “locked room” murder mystery, Far From the Light of Heaven shows Thompson isn’t slowing down in establishing himself as one of SF’s brightest new talents.

7 thoughts on “Far From the Light of Heaven

  1. A bright new star.
    We’ll see if he turns out to be a flash in the pan.
    (not that I’m cynical or anything. Oh wait, YES I AM).

    I’ll be passing, which is almost automatic at this point for new SFF. I just am not a fan of the new style that is taking over. Doesn’t work for me and makes me grumpy. Which defeats the purpose of escapist pulp 😀


      1. Yeah, I’ve got so much old stuff to read that I won’t feel like I’m missing out one bit. Better to let those who enjoy him read him instead of people like me who will just rant and rave and get all upset 😀


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