Artifact Space

Artifact Space
By Miles Cameron

Fans of classic space opera, and shows like Battlestar Galactica in particular, will tear into Artifact Space, the first of a projected pair of books dealing with deep space adventures set in Toronto author Miles Cameron’s Arcana Imperii Universe.

Marca Nbaro, a capable young woman with a sketchy past, realizes her dream of becoming a space pilot for a powerful commercial consortium by sneaking on board the Greatship Athens with some forged papers. This might not have been such a wise career move though, especially when the Greatships find themselves under attack. No one’s sure who’s responsible, but it seems someone might be trying to disrupt the cosmic trade in xenoglas.

Cameron has previously written fantasy and historical fiction so it may be no surprise that this is the sort of SF where swords are still in use. Indeed, the Greatships are even shaped like giant swords. But there are modern weapons too, which will come in handy as Marca and her new friends head into battle.

13 thoughts on “Artifact Space

      1. Awww man, I thought by now you’d know how I feel about grimdark and the likes of Martin and his skulking band of nihilists!
        But just in case.
        Martin is a bad, Bad, BAd, BAD man. For many reasons. And Mark Lawrence and this guy have followed down the same path 😦


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