The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth
By Ira Nayman

The Ugly Truth marks the finale of Toronto author Ira Nayman’s Multiverse Refugees trilogy, set within his Transdimensional Authority universe. Some knowledge of what’s already happened may be helpful, but given the chaotic insanity of Nayman’s work (think lots of bold interrobangs) it’s probably not essential.

The mouth of madness is opened after the evacuation to Earth of a bunch of blue-skinned vaudevillians (dressed in exquisite three-piece suits) whose universe is about to implode. These immigrants, who are constantly performing stand-up and slapstick for their God the Audi Enz, have various adventures that are related in a medley of forms, including news stories, pop songs, and diary entries. The odd couple of Rodney Pendleton and Daveen Rasmalai are back, while among the new characters are a superhero named Mistah Charisma (spawned by the Heronator machine) and a refugee running for parliament.

Nayman again delivers manic farce with more groaning puns and bad jokes than you can stuff in a multidimensional suitcase and winds the trilogy up nicely with a wholesome message for all of us . . . and a wink.


7 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

      1. You should know. Knowing is half the battle.

        It’s a combination question mark and exclamation mark. Usually !? or ?! but sometimes, as here, superimposed ‽


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