Lost in Time

Lost in Time
By A. G. Riddle

Even for veteran SF readers used to creative new ways of dealing with crime – like convicts having their memories wiped, or transported to penal colonies on other planets – the idea of criminals being sent back in time hundreds of millions of years so that they can fight it out with dinosaurs in an alternative Earth timeline may seem a bit of a stretch.

Nevertheless, that’s the premise here as Sam Anderson, one of the scientists who developed the patented Absolom time-travel technology, is convicted of the murder of a colleague he’d been dating and then jettisoned to dinosaur-land. As he struggles to survive Triassic Park, his daughter Adeline tries to figure out who framed him back here on Earth Prime, while also working with the other Absolom scientists to develop a machine that can bring her dad back.

Lost in Time is obviously high-concept Hollywood fluff, but if you’re looking for a bubble-gum page-turner with lots of silly action, cliff-hangers, and plot twists it’s hard to beat a time-travel murder mystery with dinosaurs.

8 thoughts on “Lost in Time

  1. I would have eaten something like this up, about 20 years ago. Now, I just feel very meh about it. Part of it is the “written to be turned into a movie” mentality. I HATE that with a passion. It is lazy and sloppy and is a complete slap in the face to every single book reader out there for the author to so cynically use us that way.

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    1. Yeah, that’s definitely the vibe here. Riddle doesn’t bother a whole lot with literary style or building character. And it’s the sort of plot that just screams for being made into a movie with lots of CGI. But it’s a decent beach read.

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