By Keith Brooke and Eric Brown

Wormhole is a solid example of what has proven to be one of the most durable genre hybrids: the SF-detective story.

The year is 2189 and Gordon Kemp is an unprepossessing, middle-aged cop who has been banished to the cold cases squad of the London police. As unhappy as he is with his job it’s about to get a lot worse when he’s partnered up with a keen young detective named Danni Bellini and tasked with a very cold case indeed: a murder that took place 80 years earlier.

Normally this would make it a dead case, but a newly identified prime suspect has just come out of deep sleep after journeying to another solar system along with a shipload of passengers sent to colonize a planet named Carrasco. When a wormhole is opened between Carrasco and Earth, Kemp is sent out, reluctantly, to investigate.

There’s a formula being followed here, down to the odd-couple of buddy cops and the conspiracy of powerful interests working behind the scenes, but there’s a reason why SF mysteries have remained popular. The elements work so well together that it won’t be any surprise to see more of Kemp and Bellini coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Wormhole

  1. The genre works well if it is written well. Zahn tried it with his Quadrail/Frank Compton series but he wrote so woodenly that it really crushed it.

    Who published this? I didn’t recognize the little symbol in the upper right corner.

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