Extreme Dentistry

Extreme Dentistry
By Hugh A. D. Spencer

extreme-dentistrWho knows what horrors and madness lies behind the storefronts of North American shopping malls?

Hugh A. D. Spencer knows, and in this entertaining romp, which begins in the food court of Toronto’s Sherway Gardens Mall, he lets us in on the terrifying secret.

The setup basically re-visits Men in Black, with Mormons filling in as the well-dressed monster hunters tracking down members of a bloodthirsty alien Hive, but Spencer stacks the story with so many odd elements – like using shopping malls as alien vectors, and the Hive’s fatal predilection for trashy concept art – that it all seems wonderfully strange. Published by a small press, this is one that may have slipped under a lot of radars, but it’s well worth hunting down.

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