The Rosewater Redemption

The Rosewater Redemption
By Tade Thompson

The Rosewater Redemption marks the triumphant conclusion of Tade Thompson’s wonderful Wormwood Trilogy. Humans are standing off against the alien Homians both on the ground (in the newly-independent city state of Rosewater) and in the magical xenosphere. The winner of this final battle has a world to gain.

There are a lot of characters to deal with and story arcs to be resolved, but Thompson manages while at the same time introducing some interesting new wrinkles. Time travel through the xenosphere is just one example, offering a fresh take on this classic SF trope by having avatar-like characters diving into streams of historical data.

It’s not a book you can read as a stand-alone, so if you missed the start of the series (Rosewater and The Rosewater Insurrection) you’ll have to go back and get up to speed. That will be time well spent though, as this is a fun trilogy from beginning to end.

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